Friday, 19 December 2014

From fabric fast to buying binge

In January I started a fabric fast and though I gave myself a few exceptions (mainly for Liberty lawn), on the whole I have managed to stick to it. I’ve resisted the temptation of many online sales and tried to buy only for specific projects and only when at shows. Unfortunately, with just two weeks to go, I have fallen off the wagon spectacularly and in the last eight days have bought 14 metres of fabric to stash.

It started last week when I needed half a metre of grey fabric to bind a quilt. I went to my local fabric shop (which unluckily or luckily depending on how you see it happens to be Abakhan) and came out with the half metre of grey but also two metres of Downton Abbey fabric. Both were from the bargain baskets where craft cottons cost ~£22/kg and the Downton fabric worked out at £3.60/m! (If you’re not familiar with the Abakhan bargain baskets, there are some photos of the very baskets in this news item on their website.)

Next to break my fast was some Priory Square by Katy Jones which started arriving in UK shops last week. When I saw the designs, the “You are here” map print immediately caught my eye. One of my friends grew up in an area shown on the map and I knew I had to get some to make something for him. Less than 48 hours after it appearing on Simply Solids website, two metres had been ordered and delivered.

Yesterday, Abakhan’s ground floor reopened after refurbishment (it was closed for the first part of this week) and so I went along in my lunchtime to take a look. I didn’t come away empty handed. More Downton fabric was spotted and purchased.

Today I found out that another great nephew is on the way and I fancy making this boats quilt for him. Of course, this meant I had to get some fabric for the background and so it was back to Abakhan. I found some that looks very sea-like and I am hoping that the directional print doesn’t cause me problems when making the HSTs.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t all I bought today. I also spotted four more Downton fabrics and a piece of Animalia Splendor from the Art Gallery Fabric’s Safari Moon collection. As the Art Gallery Fabrics cotton is so fine, it works out at an astounding bargain of £2.80/m.

Today was my last day in work before the Christmas and New Year closure and so I hope this is the end of my fabric purchases for 2014, though a certain shop’s sale does start on 27 December!

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  1. Reckon youve done really well to last until now, so dont be too hard on yourself.
    Im going to try a craft materials (fabric, paper, trimmings etc) buying ban in 2015 and try and use up as much of my stashes as I can, so any quilts I make will be scrappy ones (unless they are comissioned and then fabric will be bought accordingly).
    I hope I do as well as you have done.
    Merry Christmas


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