Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat – the final countdown

With just two days to go, I hope that apart from packing, everything is done. This is what I hope, but I know that the reality will be lots of last minute sorting and may be even some sewing on Thursday evening.

I signed up for the sample swap and decided to make pincushions as I’d seen some rather cute ring pin cushions on the Liberty Craft blog.  I altered the size to fit the paper hexies I already had and, keeping with the Liberty theme, I made them with some Liberty Bloomsbury fabrics. After seeing what other were making for swaps, I thought just a little ring pin cushion rather miserly, so I decided to make large caddy pin cushions to go with them. These were made using some Mama Said Sew fabric and a novelty sewing fabric. I hope to add the pattern to the blog as a tutorial once I've recovered from FQR. After seeing the little and large pin cushions together (can you see a pattern developing?), I decided that it would be nice to give my swap partners the option of going matchy-matchy and so last night I finished a second batch of ring pin cushions.  All this chopping and changing means that I will have some spare ring pin cushions at FQR - if you would like one, come and find me after the Sample Swap at FQR and see which designs are left.

In an attempt not to leave everything to the last minute, I made the most of a day off last month to get my class supplies sorted and packed. I also managed to pick out the fabrics for the scrap strip swap and the ugly fabric swap and get those folded and bagged. Despite the glorious weather on Sunday, I spent most of the day indoors and had a productive time making an ironing pad that will actually fit in my sewing bag and a notebook cover so that I can have pen, paper and cards all to hand in one place. I had planned to make an insulated cosy for my travel iron, but my travel iron has disappeared off the face of the earth (that might be a bit of an overstatement) - oh well, less last minute sewing I suppose.

If I don't find my travel iron this evening, then I think that all have to do now is to sort out my sewing kit, label everything and get that packed up. Unfortunately, as I hadn't anticipated sunny weather in July, I have realised that my sewing bag doesn't go with any of my summer clothes, but there is no time to make another bag or more summer clothes, so anyone going to FQR will just have to put up with my mismatched wardrobe and accessories.

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