Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat - the butterflies begin

In about eight weeks I will be heading down to London for the Fat Quarterly Retreat. After reading lots of blog posts about the 2012 retreat, I was sat at my computer on the morning the 2013 tickets were released so that I didn’t miss out on this year’s retreat. The train tickets are now booked, the accommodation is sorted, I’ve signed up for the swaps and any day now we should be hearing to which classes we have been assigned. Given how keen I was to book the ticket, why is it that as FQR2013 fast approaches I don’t yet have a sense of excitement and joyful anticipation, but more a feeling of butterflies in my stomach?

Perhaps the reality of it all is starting to hit. Whilst I won’t be the only one who didn’t go last year, for lots of people this will be a reunion and maybe there is a feeling that I will be gatecrashing. So many people were full of praise for last year’s classes, that maybe I focussed on FQR being an opportunity for learning new skills hence the disappointment of finding out that we could only pick two classes and two tabletop sessions. I signed up for the swaps so that I could get involved, but now I’ve seen some of the items other people are making I’m worried that my efforts won’t be up to everyone else’s standards.  

Hopefully, in eight and bit weeks I will be writing another blog post about FQR2013 saying what a fantastic time I had and how all these concerns were totally unfounded.  Is anyone else feeling anxious, not excited, about going to FQR2013 or is it just me?


  1. Oh nooooo, you need to start getting excited and looking forward to it. It's going to be great. It's my first year, so I was a bit worried about 2012 cliques, and there maybe some but I think the classes will give a good mix of people to not notice it.

    There are a few people I know, IRL, but most are part of the organisers so I doubt I'll get to spend anytime with them. We'll be newbies together. We may even have a class together?

    I've found it weird connecting with people as I've never used Flickr as social media before quilting. But I've ended up with more twitter friends than anything.

    Looking forward to meeting you anyway :)

    1. Now the class lists are out it is a bit less daunting seeing everyone as smaller groups and I'm sure the table top sessions will be great for breaking the ice. It will be nice to put faces to twitter/blog names, though I may not be brave enough to say hello.


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