Friday, 24 May 2013

Bank Holiday Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed.

I’ve been fortunate to win a few giveaways this year and I know how nice it is to see your name listed as a winner. So, I've decided that its time for another giveaway so that others can get the chance to be a winner.

One of the giveaways I won included a couple of size 12 patterns from Amy at Almond Rock but my days of needing this size are long gone. I suggested to Amy that she keep the patterns for another giveaway, but she very kindly said that I could use them for my own giveaway.  I’ve looked through my own pattern stash and found a couple more patterns to add to the giveaway. Both were bought in error – one the wrong size and the other was the right size but was a case of “what was I thinking, this style will never suit me”. Hopefully someone else will be able to put them to good use.

All of the patterns are now out-of-print. The Simplicity pattern has been used, is fragile in places (mainly along the dart lines) and is missing the piece for the armhole facing, but you could either draft a replacement or use bias binding. The other three patterns are unused and still factory-folded. The Vogue and Retro Butterick patterns are for dresses, whereas the Butterick pattern is for a fitted jacket, skirt and sleeveless top.

Vintage Simplicity 7627
(size 12, bust 34")
Vogue 8666
(sizes 6-12)
Butterick 4602
(sizes 6-12)

Retro Butterick 5033
(sizes 14-20)

There will be four lucky winners who can each win their choice of pattern. All you have to do is follow this blog using BlogLovin, Feedly, email or another preferred method and leave a comment saying how you follow and which pattern you would like.  A bonus entry is available if you spread the news of this giveaway by Twitter, Facebook or on your own blog – just leave a second comment telling me how you’ve shared the giveaway and repeating your choice of pattern.

I’ve decided to keep this giveaway short and sweet. It will run over the Bank Holiday weekend so your entries need to be in by 10pm (BST) on Monday 27 May and I’ll post the prizes to the UK and Europe.


  1. Oooh, I love a vintage pattern and I'm a size 12! Just started following you via Bloglovin', and if I'm picked I would prefer the Simplicity pattern, or my second choice would be the 1950s style frock Butterick one please! (I know it says it starts at size 14, but in my experience a 1950s size 14 is much smaller than a modern one, so hopefully it will be fine).
    Thanks for running a fab giveaway, have shared via Twitter and Facebook x

  2. Just re-read the instructions and realised I should've left another comment... have shared on Twitter and Facebook and I would prefer the Simplicity pattern.

  3. I follow via BlogLovin'! I would love the Vogue 8666. : )

  4. I follow you via Blog Lovin and think I could make some gorgeous work dresses with the Vogue pattern. Thank you for offering :-)

  5. Hey, thanks for the giveaway! I follow via BlogLovin and would love the retro Butterick pattern :)

  6. I've shared via Twitter as well, still retro Butterick!