Friday, 1 March 2013

What do you call someone who sews?

Definition of sewer
I’ve struggled to find a term that I like when it comes to telling people that I sew.  The obvious word is sewer, which is fine when spoken but can create problems when written. Unless you add a hyphen (sew-er) you run the risk of readers thinking you are an artificial watercourse.  Seamstress or needlewoman is rather dated and sewist just doesn’t appeal to me. However, recently I have come across a couple of new terms that I hope will gain in popularity.

The first term is sewintist, a contraction of sewing scientist, which I found on the Another Sewing Scientist blog. Looking at the map that Vicki has created, there seem to be a lot of sewing scientists out there. The second term I came across the other day is sewcialist (a combination of sewing and social), described by Rachel on her House of Pinheiro blog as “those who enjoy sewing & interacting with other creatives about sewing on social media” (a competition is currently running to come up with a logo to represent their community and full details can be found here).
Whilst both terms could apply to me, I feel my science skills are stronger than my social media skills and I’ve chosen to describe myself as a sewintist. Try as I might, my scientific training always creeps into my sewing - only the other day I found myself thinking of all the variables that prevent me from sewing a perfect ¼” seam. 

So after waiting ages for a new noun to arrive, two come along at once.  Do either of these apply to you or have you got your own favourite term?

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