Thursday, 28 February 2013

A bit about me (and my sewing machines)

Well, after a bit of playing with the blog's settings and layout, I think I should stop fiddling with colours, backgrounds, borders, etc and start posting.  So to start off, here's a bit about me and my sewing.

I've been sewing for more years than I care to admit to. I used to do quite a lot of dress making and have recently ventured into the world of patchwork and quilting. I'm probably a "keen amateur" for dressing making and definitely a beginner for patchwork and quilting.

I got my first machine when I was about 7 years old. It was a Singer hand crank with the long bobbins and I made many outfits for my dolls using it. As I outgrew the handcrank and wanted an electric machine, I started using Mum's Bernina Minimatic, but then I was given a second-hand, bright orange Husqvarna as birthday present. The machine saw me through my only sewing qualification (an O-level in Needlework & Dress), but sadly I traded in that machine for a new Husqvarna (an Optima 630) when I was a student. This machine was to be my workhorse for many years, but then I was tempted into the world of computerised machines by a second-hand Husqvarna Orchidea. My current main machine is an ex-demo Husqvarna Sapphire 875Q which I've had for about a year, but have probably still only used about half of its features. It is great for patchwork and quilting, but I'm not sure if I would trust it with heavy fabric and am glad to have the back ups of the Optima and Orchidea.

As I seem to spend more time reading about other people's sewing than I do sewing, I've yet to work out quite how having a blog will help with my productivity.


  1. hey,
    Just came across your blog and saw that you are Liverpool based like me. Don't seem to find many sewists around this neck of the woods. Looking forward to following along with your blog, hopefully you will be able to pull yourself away from reading and do a lot of sewing and share it on here.
    speak soon

  2. Hi Hannah
    Thanks for the comment - you'll be glad to hear that I've been sat at the sewing machine this evening. If you would like to meet some other Liverpool-based sewists, why not come along to Liverpool Sewing Club? We meet twice a month on Monday evenings - more info is available at


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