Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Delayed Delivery

I started making these two quilts for Project Linus at the beginning of last year and it has taken me over 18 months from cutting the fabric to getting them delivered. It is a good job quilts don’t have a use by date.

The corner triangles add a splash of colour and a little bit of interest for the quilting. As I use fleece for the backing and no wadding, I don’t have to worry about quilting distances and so a simple one way diagonal was enough to hold the layers together. With the exception of the binding, the fabrics and batting were from my stash.

As a change from the usual washing line photos, here’s an attempt at a styled photo of one of the quilts on the garden bench. In addition to the dinosaurs, there are also bees, birds and stars on some of the squares.

To make further inroads into my stash (which in theory should be getting smaller, though any change in size is not obvious yet), I made some more sheets for Alder Hey from fabrics that had been stashed and unused for several years. My local Project Linus co-ordinator not only takes in quilts, but also sheets, so it was nice to add these to the quilt parcel.

In contrast to the slow progress of these two quilts, this Mr Men and Little Misses quilt was cut, quilted and delivered to my godson in less than a week. This cheap and cheerful quilt is made from two charity shop polycotton duvet covers and I was certainly "Little Miss Make-it-up-as-I-go-along" when it came to working out what size of irregular sashing was needed.

The shape and bold outline of each character was ideal for FMQ and had the bonus of creating "ghost" figures on the back of the quilt.

Now these three quilts are completed, I can think about what to make next. A friend's daughter is 4 months old, so if I start now, she might get a quilt for her first birthday!

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  1. Mr Men and Misses quilt looks so good I am sure your godson will enjoy it. Linus quilts and sheets too you have been busy completing things.
    garden bench looks a nice hand stitching spot think that is where the TREE used to be?


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