Monday, 12 January 2015

Stormy Seas

Last Saturday was spent at Leeds MQG (who have shiny new website) where there was plenty of chatter, laughter and sewing. I took along my first project for 2015 – the Nautical Quilt for a great nephew who is due to appear this month.

My first thought was for a 5 x 5 block layout and after trying different arrangements had decided on a diagonal rainbow on a directional bluey-green background fabric which could represent the sea.

In the end I had more rainbow colours that anticipated and decided to go for a 5 x 6 layout with a total of 15 boats blocks.

I was pleased with my progress on Saturday – I managed to get all the sails completed for the boats. However, after looking at the picture I posted on Instagram, I realised that a couple of blocks had very choppy sea conditions! 

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