Thursday, 14 August 2014

Festival of Quilts (3) - The Quilts

After doing some shopping and some sewing in the workshops, I found the best time to view the quilts was the last hour of the show. The crowds had gone and it was easy to walk up and down the quilt aisles, taking photos of the quilts that caught my eye. Most of the photos I took were of quilts which I thought were “do-able” and will be added to my library of quilts I’d like to make. A couple of the quilts stood out for their quilting alone (but I didn’t get the details).

The quilts that I most appreciated this year were the miniature quilts (no bigger than 12” on the longest side).

Much has been written and said this year about “modern quilts” and the Festival even had their definition of a modern quilter (my thanks to Lilysquilts for the photo) as part of its setting up a new group in the Quilt Guild. Whilst it can be helpful to group quilts as modern, traditional or art for exhibitions, I would find it much more useful if there were a simply colour coding on the show label indicating the type of quilting. I don’t have a long arm machine nor a frame, and it would be nice to see at a glance which quilts were quilted on a domestic machine with nothing more than an extension table.

Despite my best attempts to view the quilts in a logical fashion, when blog posts started appearing about the Festival, there seems to be a whole section of quilts that I managed to miss. Even so, I came away with lots of ideas and inspiration – now I just need to find the time to sew.


  1. Really enjoyed your show review posts, and agree that it would be nice to know which quilts had been produced on a domestic machine. I preferred the more traditional quilts (the really arty ones didnt do much for me), but I really liked the few I saw that were just one colour, but had loads of detail in the stitching.

  2. I really enjoyed all your Festival posts, thanks for sharing!


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