Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A fast finish and a slow start

There's not much to report on the sewing front this month as again I've been spending most of the weekends in the garden centre or in the garden. I think all the clearing and planting has been done now and so hopefully it will just be a matter of a little light weeding throughout the summer, leaving more time for sewing.

I did have day sewing at Leeds MQG a few weeks ago and was able to finish a quick project of anonymising a chain store bag with some EPP. This was my first time using InvisiFil 100wt and early signs are quite encouraging. It doesn't tangle or snap as much as Aurifil 80wt and I prefer it to the Bottom Line 60wt which I had been using previously.

I have also decided on and started my new long term EPP project. I had two projects in mind and decided to go with the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses rather than more pieced hexagons. I have done the quilt maths as to how many blocks I will need and how much fabric is required, but have only made two fabric choices so far - the background fabric (Pure Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics) and the small squares for the joining blocks (a Liberty print from my stash).

I've not used the Pure Elements before and I really like how it pairs with the Liberty lawn. I have some plain Liberty lawn, but I don't think it would be ideal for EPP as the seam allowance would show too much with light coloured fabrics. I might be tempted to get some different colours of Pure Elements to use in the crosses blocks as it could get too busy using just Liberty prints, but first I need to raid my Liberty stash and make some more fabric choices. Given it took me several months to decide which project to start, this may take some time!