Monday, 19 December 2016

P is for Pin

Usually when I am laying out blocks for a quilt I use sticky labels to keep the blocks in order, but these can come unstuck and are not reusable. In preparation for the Morris Hexathon quilt, I bought some flower-headed pins and some alphabet beads and spent an evening making a set of alphabet pins. The beads were stuck on the pins using Gutermann HT2 glue applied with a cocktail stick and I resisted the temptation to spell out rude words as I stabbed the pins into the ironing board to dry.

As I has some beads left over, I made a few more sets and took them along to the Christmas meeting of the Leeds MQG to contribute to the festivities.

Thankfully now I have run out of some letters otherwise I think I would still be making these. Though I now need to find a use for alphabet beads with no letters H, V or S.

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  1. and we all love our pins Sara thankyou so much


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