Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A bargain and a bag

Sewing-related bargains have been a bit thin on the ground lately, but a recent trip to Derbyshire put an end to that. These scissors were found in an antiques shop and were just £1. I tried them surreptitiously in the shop and they managed to cut the string on a price tag, but there was no suitable fabric to try, so at that price I thought it worthwhile taking a risk. I’m pleased to report that they coped well with a double layer of quilting cotton, cutting right to the tips with a reassuring “snipping” noise. They are a good weight, not too big (~8") and sit well in my hand. Unfortunately there is no maker’s mark or any other indication of their origin.

In other news, I have finally used some of my Liberty stash! I bought the Baby Bionic Gear Bag pattern a while ago and thought it would make an ideal make up bag for when I’m away. I decided to use upholstery weight Ianthe for the outer, Tana lawn in Arden for the lining (safely protected by the vinyl), and a double layer of Tana lawn in Carolyn Jane for the binding.

The Baby Bionic Gear Bag is supposed to be ~6” wide, but I made mine an inch or so wider to use the full length of the lace zip. As on my previous Bionic Gear Bags, I hand stitched the side bindings, but this time I machine stitched the zip binding.

With only a single pocket, this was quick to make and would be ideal if you wanted a gentle introduction to the BGB pattern. Using vinyl for the pockets and a lace zip also makes it a quick project and I am already thinking of making another but with a sewing theme for EPP bits and pieces.