Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Silent Sewing

It’s been a bit quiet here but there’s been lots of sewing going on which I'll share after the show. Deadline is fast approaching and there are still plenty of hexies to sew and lots of Suffolk puffs to string together. Why on earth did I decide to enter not one but two hand pieced items for a quilt show?

As the end is in sight for these projects, I’ve started thinking about my next hand sewing project and this book arrived last week from Sew & Quilt. I got the first book last year, but I have yet to make anything from it. Maybe I’ll skip book one and go straight to book two as already several quilts have already caught my eye.

Anyway this temptation has to be put away for another two weeks and I need to get back to sewing 300 hexies (eek!).

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