Monday, 14 July 2014

Sewing Machine Makeover – Another Modification

I have a mini sewing machine that is light enough for me to carry it to Liverpool Sewing Club and Leeds Modern Quilting Guild. However, whilst it is good that that it is light in weight, it is not so good that it is light on features. 

Back in January, I gave my mini machine a makeover which allowed me to use my spare Husqvarna feet on it and I found a tiny light that could be attached to it. However, each time I used the machine I would find myself reaching for a non-existent thread cutter. While sewing blocks at a Leeds MQG meeting, I realised that the machine had a handy gap in the casing which was ideal to secure the threads prior to cutting, but I still needed snips or scissors to cut them. 

However, all it took was 5 minutes, a craft knife blade and some washi tape and this gap became a thread cutter. I wrapped washi tape around each end of the blade, leaving 2-3 cm of the blade exposed.

I then secured the blade to the machine with more washi tape, positioning it a few millimetres below the gap. I’d like to pretend that I chose the pink leopard print washi tape as a safety feature so that the blade was highly visible, but it was just what was to hand. 

I’m very pleased with this cheap and cheerful upgrade to my mini sewing machine. The blades were £1 for ten from the market and the washi tape was £1 for three rolls from The Works. My next challenge is to find a way of covering the feed dogs and maybe making a lightweight extension table so that I can do small pieces of free motion quilting!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Slow Writer

I have finally finished my first foundation paper piecing project - it has only taken me 51 weeks! I started this during a class at Fat Quarterly Retreat last year and was determined to get it finished before this year’s retreat. I thought I had made quite good progress in the class by managing to get the central section completed, but then it was pointed out that there were three pieces that needed unpicking.

It was packed away in disgust and didn’t see light of day until April’s Leeds Modern Quilt Guild meeting when I restitched the incorrect pieces and managed to complete the lower section. The final section was completed at Liverpool Sewing Club this week. 

I’m not sure that foundation paper piecing is for me, though perhaps this was rather a complicated pattern for a first attempt. I’m glad to have finished it and maybe I’ll try a simpler pattern before making a final judgement on foundation paper piecing.