Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat - this is me

Well, the linky party for FQR started while I was away for the weekend in the Lake District, so this is the first opportunity I’ve had to post my introduction. Anyway, I’m Sara and here’s me trying to take a half decent photo of myself in the hotel room.

For some people the best part of a trip to the Lake District would be the fantastic scenery or the great walking opportunities, but for me it is the short diversion off junction 34 of the M6 to visit the Standfast and Barrack factory shop. S&B print fabric for Liberty and I love Liberty fabrics, but I love a bargain even more and they have some fantastic scrap packs. All fabrics are seconds and it is pot luck as to what prints are available in the packs or by the metre, but that adds to the excitement of a visit. I'm building up a little collection of Liberty lawns, but I still need to find the ideal quilt pattern for them.

Anyway, this post is not supposed to be about all things Liberty, so I better get back on track. I’ve been sewing for more years than I care to admit to, but I only started patchwork and quilting about 18 months ago. I seem to be very good at taking screenshots of quilts that catch my eye and very good at buying fabric when it too catches my eye, it is just the sitting down and sewing that seems to be my weak point.  I’ve made a few baby quilts, one full sized quilt and several smaller patchwork projects, but that’s all. I’m even newer to blogging than I am to P&Q and you’ll find a bit more about me and my sewing projects in previous blog posts.

As I've so much to learn about P&Q, I was very excited by the range of classes offered at FQR, but a little disappointed that we would only have time for four classes. It was very difficult to pick my favourites from the list, but I was lucky with my allocation and I will be doing Cathedral Windows, Curved EPP, Paper Piecing and Fantasy Fabric Shop. I didn’t go to last year’s FQR and although a friend from Liverpool Sewing Club is also going this year, we are doing totally different classes. It is slightly scary just how quickly FQR is approaching – I’ve sorted out my supplies and sent off my name tag, but I’ve still my sample swaps to finish.

One final photo,and not the most flattering, just to prove that i) I didn’t just sit in the hotel admiring my fabric bargains and ii) there are sometimes patches of sunshine in the Lake District.


  1. What a gorgeous stash of liberty fabric!! Well worth the weekend away for!
    I'm not on any of your classes, but you will definitely spot my name tag!!! Can't wait to meet you.

  2. Ooh lovely stash of Liberty fabric.. I'm in the Cathedral Windows class too *waves* :)

  3. Not in any same classes but look forward to seeing you at the retreat!

  4. Hi ...I'm in the windows and curves class too. I'm lucky my mum lives near the mill and occasionally picks me up some Liberty....though mine are mainly blues.

  5. Been following you on that Twitter thing for some time and just found your blog *shrugs*
    Can't wait to meet to you at FQR :D I might be in 2 of your classes (cathedral windows & fatasy fabric shop).

    PS I also do cross-stitch & have a project that has been left on the sewing frame untouched for 3yrs!!

  6. Oh, lovely Liberty! I'll see you in the curved EPP class. I'm so excited now, I can't wait for Friday.

  7. You take a much better photo in a mirror than I do, I always look terrible! See you next weekend


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